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Giving and Chance to Education and Success

Hope for the Family in Thailand (HFT)

Was establish as a Thai orgaization in the year 2006 in province of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. One of HFT's main goals is to provide basic academic education to children at risk. It is our firm bellef that access to education, medicine and jumane living conditions is a basic human right. However, for hundreds of thousads of children and disintegrated families this is merely a dream. Our efforts are therefore directed towards delivering education, medical aid, and better social conditions. To bring hope to those who have none.


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Here they have not only found a place to live, but the most important a place they can call “home”.



Here they have a home and an opportunity to get education.


Kwamwang Staff

To bring hope to those who have none.

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389/31  M-4 T. Han Kaeo A. Hang Dong Chiang Mai Thailand 50230 T: 00(66) 833 24 2023 E: info.kwamwang-hft@gmail.com

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